New Mini Hair Straightener Hair


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Straight & Curling MINI hair straightener Product power: 20W Size: 18CMX2CM Length: 1.25M material: Tourmaline Ceramics heating plate Temperature Control: Constant temperature 200℃(400℉)
Styling waiting time: 30S
Product color: Purple/Yellow/White/Pink/Orange/Blue (Optional)


Hair changes can be seen by your own eyes
Ceramic glaze coating,which can reduce hair damage and straightening the hair more smoothly.

The heating plates feature an innovative 3D design that will have a high surface. The purpose is to elastically grasp the hair without loosening or hurting the hair.

A new generation of heating elements for fast heating in 30 seconds, the constant temperature system is stable and fast to create a continuous shape.
20W low power, is what you need, low power, small radiation.

Note:It can be used by pregnant women.m